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    • Standard Vee Packing

      #V     PSI

      2       250

      3       500

      4     3000

      5     5000

      6   10000

      7   15000

      NF Nylon Female 

      FF Fabric Female

      BV Buna Vee

      HV Hytrel Vee  

      FFV Fabric Vee 

      NM Nylon Male

      FM Fabric Male

      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      -40/300F [-40/189C]

      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      -40/250F [-40/121C]


      Standard Vee-Packings are popular sealing devices for both pneumatic and hydraulic applications.  Usually supplied as a multi-ring sealing unit, a set is made up of a given number of intermediate vee-rings as well as a male and female adapter to insure proper support.  Available in both homogeneous and fabric reinforced materials for intermediate rings and in fabric-reinforced and nylon materials for the adapter rings, vee-packings are used to seal both piston and rod applications in standard as well as telescopic cylinder models.

    • Standard Vee Sets

      Nylon/Hytrel/Caoutchouc toilé

      -40/230F [-40/110C]

      10 000 PSI [689 Bar]


      Standard Vee Sets
      are pre-packaged assemblies comprising of 3 fabric reinforced pressure rings, 2 homogeneous pressure rings and nylon male and female adapters.  These pre-packaged sets facilitate your ordering and stocking duties and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

    • "Hydrolock" Vee Set


      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      6000 PSI [414 Bar]


      “Hydrolock” Vee Sets
       are supplied as multiple-lip, non adjustable designs.  Made of both Nylon and Hytrel intermediate (pressure) rings, they can withstand high pressures and shock loads and can also be supplied with glass-filled Nylon support bearings and guide-locking rings, (sold separately).


    • Guidelocks


      -40/250F [-40/121C]



      These guide-locking rings serve to retain the «Hydrolock» vee sets when mounted on the piston as well as offering additional bearing surface for better support.

    • Vee Coil


      -40/250F [-40/121C]

      5000 PSI [345 Bar]



      Typically supplied in coil form, this type of vee-packing can be pre-split to almost any diameter and stack height requirement.  They are available in intermediate, male and female profiles and in a variety of cross-sectional sizes to insure quick turnaround time.