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Guiding Elements


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  • GB

    Guiding Element


    -50/400F [-45/204C]



    These guiding elements are manufactured from filled PTFE compounds. They are designed to eliminate scoring in hydraulic and pneumatic applications by preventing metal-to-metal contact. Easy to install and economical, they can be used in reciprocating, rotary or oscillating applications.

  • GB/N

    Guiding Elements


    -40/250F [-40/121C]


    Similar in function to the GB-style, these glass-filled wear bands are manufactured out of glass-filled Nylon material and are typically suited for heavy-duty applications such as hydraulic cylinders

  • GC

    Guiding Elements


    -40/130F [-40/54C]

    38 810 PSI [2675 Bar]

    Compressive Strength



    GC-style has been developed to substitute traditional bronze guides in hydraulic cylinders. They guide the rod or the piston and prevent metallic contact with the cylinder when radial forces act perpendicular to the direction of movement.

    Since GRF guide rings are machined from tube, the thickness can be very precise for high guiding performance.

    The compound that use these guides is a cotton fabric bound with thermosetting phenolic resin characterized by excellent heavy loads resistance, rigidity, hardness and high service temperature.

  • WS

    Wear Strip

    Bronze PTFE/BR60

    -400/550F [-240/287C]

    Optional Material

    Polyester resin/PR

    -40/250F [-40/121C]


    Similar to the GB-series, this WS-BR60 is the bulk-pack version of the pre-cut GB guiding elements.
  • DU



    -328/536F [-200/280C]

    44000 PSI [3035 Bar]

    Compressive strength



    “DU” bearings are self-lubricating, metal-backed plain bearings with very good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions. They are suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements.

  • GE

    Cushion Seals


    -67/250F [-55/121C]

    5000 psi  [345 bar]



    A stepped cushion seal used to slow down extend and retract speeds at the end of the cylinder stroke, manufactured out of glass-filled Nylon and supplied split for ease of assembly.

  • GE-ES2RS

    Steel (With Seals)

    -22/266F [-30/130]



    Spherical ball bushings are used to align movements between shaft and housing assemblies, where oscillating, tilting or slewing movements need to be accomodated for at slow sliding speeds.

  • GE-GS2RS

    Steel ( With Seals)

    -22/266F [-30/130]



    See ES2RS product listing, but with larger housing dimensions.

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